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Weekly Headlines (excerpts)


1. Tour of Jupiter’s Trojans could reveal Solar System’s chaotic origin
By Paul Voosen | Thu, 7 Oct 2021

2. Satellite swarms are threatening the night sky—and creating a new zone of environmental conflict
By Joshua Sokol | Thu, 7 Oct 2021

3. Global plan aims to slash meningitis toll with help of new five-in-one vaccine
By Leslie Roberts | Thu, 7 Oct 2021

4. A ‘Rosetta Stone’ for neuroscience: new atlas helps define brain cell types
By Kelly Servick | Wed, 6 Oct 2021

5. Nobel honors molecule builders who made chemistry easier and greener
By Robert F. Service | Wed, 6 Oct 2021

6. It moves! Supposedly immobile barnacles can ‘surf’ across turtle shells
By Rachel Fritts | Tue, 5 Oct 2021

7. Hot—and cool—research wins Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
By Gretchen Vogel | Mon, 4 Oct 2021

8. Physicists take a key step in correcting quantum computer errors
By Adrian Cho | Mon, 4 Oct 2021

9. Extreme heat is broiling people in developing cities
By Warren Cornwall | Mon, 4 Oct 2021

10. Vikings in paradise: Were the Norse the first to settle the Azores?
By Michael Price | Mon, 4 Oct 2021

First Release

[Thu 7th Oct 2021]

Age and composition of young basalts on the Moon, measured from samples returned by Chang’e-5

Xiaochao Che Alexander Nemchin Dunyi Liu Tao Long Chen Wang Marc D. Norman Katherine H. Joy Romain Tartese James Head Bradley Jolliff Joshua F. Snape Clive R. Neal Martin J. Whitehouse Carolyn Crow Gretchen Benedix Fred Jourdan Zhiqing Yang Chun Yang Jianhui Liu Shiwen Xie Zemin Bao Runlong Fan Dapeng Li Zengsheng Li Stuart G. Webb


COVID-19 transmission dynamics underlying epidemic waves in Kenya

Samuel P. C. Brand John Ojal Rabia Aziza Vincent Were Emelda A. Okiro Ivy K Kombe Caroline Mburu Morris Ogero Ambrose Agweyu George M. Warimwe James Nyagwange Henry Karanja John N. Gitonga Daisy Mugo Sophie Uyoga Ifedayo M. O. Adetifa J. Anthony G. Scott Edward Otieno Nickson Murunga Mark Otiende Lynette I. Ochola-Oyier Charles N. Agoti George Githinji Kadondi Kasera Patrick Amoth Mercy Mwangangi Rashid Aman Wangari Ng’ang’a Benjamin Tsofa Philip Bejon Matt. J. Keeling D. James Nokes Edwine Barasa


Monetary incentives increase COVID-19 vaccinations

Pol Campos-Mercade Armando N. Meier Florian H. Schneider Stephan Meier Devin Pope Erik Wengström


Myelin: A gatekeeper of activity-dependent circuit plasticity?

Giulia Bonetto David Belin Ragnhildur Thóra Káradóttir


Perseverance rover reveals an ancient delta-lake system and flood deposits at Jezero crater, Mars

N. Mangold S. Gupta O. Gasnault G. Dromart J. D. Tarnas S. F. Sholes B. Horgan C. Quantin-Nataf A. J. Brown S. Le Mouélic R. A. Yingst J. F. Bell O. Beyssac T. Bosak F. Calef B. L. Ehlmann K. A. Farley J. P. Grotzinger K. Hickman-Lewis S. Holm-Alwmark L. C. Kah J. Martinez-Frias S. M. McLennan S. Maurice J. I. Nuñez A. M. Ollila P. Pilleri J. W. Rice M. Rice J. I. Simon D. L. Shuster K. M. Stack V. Z. Sun A. H. Treiman B. P. Weiss R. C. Wiens A. J. Williams N. R. Williams K. H. Williford


The glial framework reveals white-matter fiber architecture in human and primate brains

Roey Schurr Aviv A. Mezer

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