语言自然习得中习得与学得的差异谜团与解决 方法

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The Difference Mystery between Learning and Acquisition in the Natural Acquisition Theory of Language and Its Solution

关键词: 二语习得;思维导图;大脑;自然习得;学得;The Second Language Acquisition; Mind Map; Brain; Natural Acquisition; Learning

摘要: 针对语言自然习得理论中的习得与学得差异化假设,从该差异的成因入手加以分析,得出该理论假设在理论和实践上存在一定的矛盾性。依据语言学习者的实践提出语言习得与学得之间可以相互转化,利用思维导图作为工具可以明确上述差异,并促进两者的转化。通过对思维导图理论和语言习得理论的相关性分析,在理论上阐明了上述观点的可行性。从实际出发,分别从个体和群体角度给出了利用思维导图解决习得与学得差异谜团的具体方法。


Abstract: Through analyzing the causes of the difference hypothesis between learning and acquisition in the natural acquisition of language, the contradiction between the theory and practice is discovered. According to the experiences of language learners that the transition between learning and acquisition is possible, we present a way of using mind map as a tool to realize and facilitate the above transition. Through analyzing the correlation between mind map theory and the theory of natural acquisition of language, the feasibility of using mind map to realize the above transition is clarified. In view of the real application, two related solutions are proposed in detail. One is for individual and the other is for group.

文章引用:曹风玲, 何胜学. 语言自然习得中习得与学得的差异谜团与解决方法[J]. 国外英语考试教学与研究, 2022, 4(1): 7-12.

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