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Plant Physiology:植物茎分枝的分子与遗传调控综述

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The molecular and genetic regulation of shoot branching

第一作者Zhiwei Luo


通讯作者Kimberley C Snowden


The architecture of flowering plants exhibits both phenotypic diversity and plasticity, in part determined by the number and activity of axillary meristems and in part by the growth characteristics of the branches that develop from the axillary buds. The plasticity of shoot branching results from a combination of various intrinsic and genetic elements, such as number and position of nodes and type of growth phase, as well as environmental signals such as nutrient availability, light characteristics, and temperature. Axillary meristem initiation and axillary bud outgrowth are controlled by a complex and interconnected regulatory network. Although many of the genes and hormones that modulate branching patterns have been discovered and characterised through genetic and biochemical studies, there are still many gaps in our understanding of the control mechanisms at play. In this review we will summarise our current knowledge of the control of axillary meristem initiation and outgrowth into a branch.



 摘 要 


doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/plphys/kiab071

Journal: Plant Physiology

Published date: Feb 22, 2021


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