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Frontiers of Physics 2012年第3期

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Cover:The recent research on semiconductor quantum dots follows naturally the evolution of semiconductor technology from transistors based on bulk silicon and lasers based on bulk gallium arsenide to field effect transistors and quantum-well lasers. Semiconductor quantum dots are a natural step forward in allowing for the control of material composition in three dimensions and at the nanoscale with atomic precision. Simultaneously, the recent isolation of a single, atomically thick carbon graphene layer opened a new field of nanoelectronics based on carbon. Since graphene is a semimetal and does not have a gap, size quantization opens an energy gap and turns graphene into a semiconductor. However, the gap in graphene quantum dots, unlike in semiconductor quantum dots, can be tuned from zero to perhaps even the gap of the benzene ring. The researchers from the National Research Council of Canada will present a review of their recent work towards the understanding of electronic and optical properties of semiconductor and graphene quantum dots. More details could be found in the article “ Electronic and optical properties of semiconductor and graphene quantum dots ” by Wei-dong Sheng et al., pp 328352. [Photo credits: Wei-dong Sheng at Fudan University, China, and Pawel Hawrylak at National Research Council of Canada]





Particle, Nuclear Physics, Cosmology, and Astrophysics


News & Views

A new kind of neutrino transformation was found by Daya Bay neutrino experiment

Li-bing Liu, Quan-lin Li




Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics


News & Views

Entanglement-assisted entropic uncertainty principle

Kai-Min Duan, Chuan-Feng Li


Review Article

Correspondence between quantum-optical transform and classical-optical transform explored by developing Dirac’s symbolic method

Hong-yi Fan, Li-yun Hu


Research Articles

Doppler-free spectroscopy of rubidium atoms driven by a control laser

Zheng TanXiu-chao ZhaoYong ChengXian-ping SunJun Luo, Xin Zhou, Jin Wang, Ming-sheng Zhan


A broadband perfect field rotator

Qian-nan WuYa-dong XuHuan-yang Chen




Enhanced scattering of acoustic waves at interfaces

Li ZhaoBin LiuYin-hao GaoYan-jiao ZhaoJi-ping Huang


Condensed Matter and Materials Physics



Patterning graphene nanostripes in substrate-supported functionalized graphene: A promising route to integrated, robust, and superior transistors

Liang-feng Huang, Zhi Zeng




Review Article

Electronic and optical properties of semiconductor and graphene quantum dots

Wei-dong ShengMarek KorkusinskiAlev Devrim Gü氀üMichal Zielinski
Pawel Potasz, Eugene S. Kadantsev, Oleksandr Voznyy, Pawel Hawrylak




Research Articles

First principles study on magnetic and electronic properties with rare-earth atoms doped SWCNTs

Shun-li YueHong Zhang


Mechanical properties of bcc Fe-Cr alloys by first-principles simulations

Xiao-qing LiJi-jun ZhaoJing-cheng Xu


Soft Matter, Biological Physics, and Interdisciplinary Physics


Research Article

A novel snowdrift game model with edge weighting mechanism on the square lattice

Juan-juan ZhangHong-yun NingZi-yu YinShi-wen SunLi Wang, Jun-qing Sun, Cheng-yi Xia


Special Focus


The State Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials and Technologies at Sun Yat-Sen University, China


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