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Since the discovery of graphene in 2004, many other 2D materials with unique properties and promising applications have been developed, which directly resulted in this special topic. Besides experimental investigations, computational/theoretical studies also played an important role in 2D materials research. In the cover are the newly predicted aluminum monoxide (AlO) nanosheets and several important and representative 2D materials. We believe that the joint efforts in experimental and theoretical communities will lead to more outstanding 2D materials, and the energetic puppy (mascot of 2018) will be running even faster in a more prosperous materials world. [Photo credits: Zhongfang Chen, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan PR 00923, USA]


Speeding up the “quantum” mountain climb 

Dawei Lu

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 130313 . Abstract PDF (78KB)

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Practical pulse engineering: Gradient ascent without matrix exponentiation

Gaurav Bhole, Jonathan A. Jones

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 130312 . Abstract PDF (140KB)

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Recent progress on borophene: Growth and structures  Collection

Longjuan Kong, Kehui Wu, Lan Chen

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138105 . Abstract PDF (72890KB)

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First-principles investigation of quantum transport in GeP3 nanoribbon-based tunneling junctions 

Qiang Wang, Jian-Wei Li, Bin Wang, Yi-Hang Nie

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138501 . Abstract PDF (2630KB)

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Strategies for discovery and optimization of thermoelectric materials: Role of real objects and local fields  Collection

Hao Zhu, Chong Xiao

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138112 . Abstract PDF (1232KB)

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Self-folding mechanics of graphene tearing and peeling from a substrate Collection

Ze-Zhou He, Yin-Bo Zhu, Heng-An Wu

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138111 . Abstract PDF (12256KB)

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Ultrathin nanosheets of Mn3O4: A new two-dimensional ferromagnetic material with strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy  Collection

Jun-Chi Wu, Xu Peng, Yu-Qiao Guo, Hao-Dong Zhou, Ji-Yin Zhao, Ke-Qin Ruan, Wang-Sheng Chu, Changzheng Wu

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138110 . Abstract PDF (22798KB)

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Two-dimensional aluminum monoxide nanosheets: A computational study Collection

Shiru Lin, Yanchao Wang, Zhongfang Chen

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138109 . Abstract PDF (6035KB)

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Computational study on the half-metallicity in transition metal–oxide-incorporated 2D g-C3N4 nanosheets  Collection

Qian Gao (高乾), Hui-Li Wang (王会丽), Li-Fu Zhang (张丽芙), Shuang-Lin Hu (胡双林), Zhen-Peng Hu (胡振芃)

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138108 . Abstract PDF (4189KB)

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Dissociation of liquid water on defective rutile TiO2 (110) surfaces using ab initio molecular dynamics simulations  Collection

Hui-Li Wang (王会丽), Zhen-Peng Hu (胡振芃), Hui Li (李晖)

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138107 . Abstract PDF (26486KB)

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Epitaxial growth of highly strained antimonene on Ag(111)  Collection

Ya-Hui Mao, Li-Fu Zhang, Hui-Li Wang, Huan Shan, Xiao-Fang Zhai, Zhen-Peng Hu, Ai-Di Zhao, Bing Wang

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138106 . Abstract PDF (38981KB)

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SiP monolayers: New 2D structures of group IV-V compounds for visible-light photohydrolytic catalysts  Collection

Zhinan Ma (马志楠), Jibin Zhuang (庄吉彬), Xu Zhang (张旭), Zhen Zhou (周震)

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138104 . Abstract PDF (3718KB)

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Interfacial properties of black phosphorus/transition metal carbide van der Waals heterostructures  Collection

Hao Yuan, Zhenyu Li

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138103 . Abstract PDF (11277KB)

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Penta-P2X (X=C, Si) monolayers as wide-bandgap semiconductors: A first principles prediction  Collection

Mosayeb Naseri, Shiru Lin, Jaafar Jalilian, Jinxing Gu, Zhongfang Chen

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 138102 . Abstract PDF (20239KB)

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First-principles calculations of nitrogen-doped antimony triselenide: A prospective material for solar cells and infrared optoelectronic devices 

Sajid-ur- Rehman, Faheem K. Butt, Chuanbo Li, Bakhtiar Ul Haq, Zeeshan Tariq, F. Aleem

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 137805 . Abstract PDF (3534KB)

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Fano resonances in heterogeneous dimers of silicon and gold nanospheres 

Qian Zhao, Zhong-Jian Yang, Jun He

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 137801 . Abstract PDF (4856KB)

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Theoretical studies of superconductivity in doped BaCoSO 

Shengshan Qin, Yinxiang Li, Qiang Zhang, Congcong Le, Jiangping Hu

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 137502 . Abstract PDF (2931KB)

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Discrete ellipsoidal statistical BGK model and Burnett equations 

Yu-Dong Zhang, Ai-Guo Xu, Guang-Cai Zhang, Zhi-Hua Chen, Pei Wang

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 135101 . Abstract PDF (14176KB)

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Periodic synchronization in a system of coupled phase oscillators with attractive and repulsive interactions 

Di Yuan, Jun-Long Tian, Fang Lin, Dong-Wei Ma, Jing Zhang, Hai-Tao Cui, Yi Xiao

Front. Phys. . 2018, 13 (3): 130504 . Abstract PDF (1184KB)

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