diary for march 3

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  In the morning, Fred told me via SMS that hefinally found an adapter for me, which was great because without a socketadapter my computer would just be a bit of trash there and I would just had noaccess to all the data and documents I needed for research. Some time later, hecame over and helped to put my computer adapter plug into his socket adapter.Cool. Now my computer worked!


After my breakfast, I movedthe chair outside so that I could sat in bright sunshine and startedwriting diaries (as can be seen above) for the past days after my arrival inthe US. I really enjoyed the environment here in Davis California with bluesky, white clouds, gentle breezes, singing of birds, fragrance of spring grassand flowers...


I had my lunch late in theafternoon and then slept until almost 9 pm, when I got up to write emails toProfessor Andrew Yonelinas to ask when he would be available the next day. Ihad some simple oat meal around 11 pm and then prepared for sleep at 1 am theearly morning...

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