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1. This result is consistent/concordant with the findings of Garnett & Tobin.
2. Overall, 80 reviews (92% of the total number of 87) in the two subsets required further trials, a figure close to the 96% found by a study analysing 1016 reviews from the CDSR.
3. It was found that 29% of the reports had major problems, which is less than the 45% of reviews found to have significant flaws in this study. 
4. Previous empirical studies of the association between methodologic quality and intervention effects have had inconsistent conclusions. In theory, adequate randomization requires adequate generation of the allocation sequence and adequate allocation concealment. The assumption is partly supported by studies from Schulz and colleagues and Moher and associates, who found that trials with inadequate allocation concealment exaggerate intervention effects significantly compared with trials reporting adequate allocation concealment. However, Emerson and coworkers found no association between reported allocation concealment and intervention effects.


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