Frontiers of Mathematics in China 数学前沿 202004

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Frontiers of Mathematics in China (indexed by SCI,2019 IF = 1.030)

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数学前沿 第 15 卷 第 4 期 目录

Volume 15 Number 4

pp. 617—850(正文共 234 页)

2020 June (

Research articles

617  Xiaona CUI, Jing ZHANG

     Oscillation and variation for Riesz transform in setting of Bessel operators on H1 and BMO

649  Qingquan DENG, Djalal Eddine GUEDJIBA

     Weighted product Hardy space associated with operators

685  Yuefeng GAO, Jianlong CHEN, Pedro PATRíCIO

     Weighted binary relations involving core-EP inverse

701  Yuxiang LI, Hongyan TANG

     Remark on Gauss curvature equations on punctured disk

709  Dijana MOSIC, Daochang ZHANG

     Weighted weak group inverse for Hilbert space operators

727  Chenmu WANG, Yanyan WANG

     Partial approximate boundary synchronization for a coupled system of wave equations with Dirichlet boundary controls

749  Jing WANG, Yuhui ZHANG

     Moments of integral-type downward functionals for single death processes

769  Xianjie YAN, Dachun YANG, Wen YUAN

     Intrinsic square function characterizations of Hardy spaces associated with ball quasi-Banach function spaces

807  Yuhan ZHANG, Junyang GAO, Jianyong QIAO, Qinghua WANG

     Dynamics of a family of rational maps concerning renormalization transformation

835  Wenjia ZHAO

     Hua's theorem on five squares of primes

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