Frontiers of Mathematics in China 数学前沿 202001

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Frontiers of Mathematics in China (indexed by SCI,2018 IF = 0.565)


数学前沿 第 15 卷 第 1 期 目录

Volume 15 Number 1

pp. 1—254(正文共 254 页)

2020 February (

Research articles


 1  Rui BU, Zunwei FU, Yandan ZHANG

     Weighted estimates for bilinear square functions with non-smooth kernels and commutators


21  Yongpeng CHEN, Yuxia GUO, Zhongwei TANG

     Asymptotical behavior of ground state solutions for critical quasilinear Schrödinger equation

47  Zhiqi CHEN, Huibin CHEN

     Non-naturally reductive Einstein metrics on Sp(n)

57  Guangwei HU, Ke WANG

     Higher moment of coefficients of Dedekind zeta function

69  Hongzhi HUANG

     Fibrations and stability for compact group actions on manifolds with local bounded Ricci covering geometry

91  Yonghong HUANG, Shanzhong SUN

     Non-embedding theorems of nilpotent Lie groups and sub-Riemannian manifolds

115  Pengjie JIAO

     Auslanders defect formula and a commutative triangle in an exact category

127  Xiaosong LIU, Taishun LIU

     Sharp distortion theorems for some subclasses of starlike mappings on Bnp in Cn

141  Weizhong TIAN, Fengrong WEI, Thomas BROWN

     Mixture network autoregressive model with application on studentssuccesses

155  Lifang WANG, Ke WU, Jie YANG, Zifeng YANG

    Representation of elliptic Ding-Iohara algebra

167  Peihe WANG, Jianchun WANG

     Curvature estimate of steepest descents of 2-dimensional maximal space-like hypersurfaces on space forms

183  Xuanxuan XIAO, Wenguang ZHAI

     Second moment of error term of mean value for binary Egyptian fractions

205  Weili YAO

     Mean-square estimate of automorphic L-functions

215  Xingsong ZHANG, Mingquan WEI, Dunyan YAN, Qianjun HE

     Equivalence of operator norm for Hardy-Littlewood maximal operators and their truncated operators on Morrey spaces

225  Bin ZHU, Xiao ZHUANG

     Tilting subcategories in extriangulated categories

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