Frontiers of Mathematics in China 数学前沿 201905

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Frontiers of Mathematics in China (indexed by SCI,2018 IF = 0.565)


数学前沿 第 14 卷 第 5 期 目录

Volume 14 Number 5

pp. 855—1076(正文共 222 页)

2019 October (

Research articles

855  Xingya FAN, Jianxun HE, Jinsen XIAO, Wenjun YUAN

      Radon transforms on Siegel-type nilpotent Lie groups

 867  Laith HAWAWSHEH, Ahmad AL-SALMAN

      Lp Estimates of certain rough parametric Marcinkiewicz functions

 881  Ming LI

      Semi-conformal structure on certain vertex superalgebras associated to vertex superalgebroids

 907  Zhenyuan NI, Jiancai SUN

      Super-biderivations on twisted N = 1 Schrödinger-Neveu-Schwarz algebra

 923  Xiaoshan QIN, Yanhua WANG, James ZHANG

      Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over a noncommutative 2-dimensional singularity


941  Neng-Yi WANG

      Convergence rates of symmetric scan Gibbs sampler

 957  Lifeng XI, Kan JIANG, Qiyang PEI

      Arithmetic progressions in self-similar sets

 967  Qingzhi YANG, Yiyong LI

      Standard tensor and its applications in problem of singular values of tensors

 989  Lihua YOU, Xiaohua HUANG, Xiying YUAN

      Sharp bounds for spectral radius of nonnegative weakly irreducible tensor

1017  Rui ZHANG

      Slim exceptional set for sums of two squares, two cubes, and two biquadrates of primes

1037  Yuhui ZHANG, Xiaofeng ZHOU

      High order moments of first hitting times for single death processes

1063  Junyi ZHU, Xinxin MA, Zhijun QIAO

      Spectral analysis of generalized Volterra equation

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