Frontiers of Mathematics in China 数学前沿 201903

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Frontiers of Mathematics in China (indexed by SCI,2018 IF = 0.565)


数学前沿 第 14 卷 第 3 期 目录

Volume 14 Number 3

pp. 493—672(正文共 180 页)

2019 June (

Survey article

493  Mu-Fa CHEN, Yue-Shuang LI

Development of powerful algorithm for maximal eigenpair

Research articles

521  Thomas BRüSTLE, Jie ZHANG

Non-leaving-face property for marked surfaces

535  Xianming HOU, Huoxiong WU

Limiting weak-type behaviors for Riesz transforms and maximal operators in Bessel setting

551  Jiajie HUA, Xiaochun FANG, Xiao-Ming XU

Continuity of functors with respect to generalized inductive limits

567  Rongrong JIN, Guangcun LU

Variational study of bifurcations in von Kármán equations

591  Feng LIU, Qingying XUE, Kôzô YABUTA

Convergence of truncated rough singular integrals supported by subvarieties on Triebel-Lizorkin spaces

605  Ziqiu LIU, Yunfeng ZHAO, Yuqin ZHANG

Perfect 3-colorings on 6-regular graphs of order 9

619  Wen-Xiu MA

Interaction solutions to Hirota-Satsuma-Ito equation in (2+1)-dimensions

631  Hui WANG, Shoufu TIAN, Tiantian ZHANG, Yi CHEN

Lump wave and hybrid solutions of a generalized (3+1)-dimensional nonlinear wave equation in liquid with gas bubbles

645  Jiahao XU, Xin ZHAO

Absence of eigenvalues for quasiperiodic Schrödinger type operators

661  Yang XU, Weizhe GU, Zheng-Hai HUANG

Estimations on upper and lower bounds of solutions to a class of tensor complementarity problems

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