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发表期刊:Eco Mat

论文题目:Recent progress on biomass‐derived ecomaterials toward advanced rechargeable lithium batteries

论文作者:Jia Liu, Hong Yuan, Xinyong Tao, Yeru Liang, Seung Jae Yang, Jia‐Qi Huang, Tong‐Qi Yuan, Maria‐Magdalena Titirici, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:March 2020

论文摘要:Biomass materials are of great interest in high‐energy rechargeable batteries due to their appealing merits of sustainability, environmental benefits, and more importantly, structural/compositional versatilities, abundant functional groups and many other unique physicochemical properties. In this perspective, we provide both overview and prospect on the contributions of biomass‐derived ecomaterials to battery component engineering including binders, separators, polymer electrolytes, electrode hosts, and functional interlayers, and so forth toward high‐stable lithium–ion batteries, lithium–sulfur batteries, lithium–oxygen batteries, and solid state lithium metal batteries. Furthermore, based on the multifunctionalities of bio‐based materials, the design protocols for battery components with desired properties are highlighted. This perspective affords fresh inspiration on the rational designs of biomass‐based materials for advanced lithium‐based batteries, as well as the sustainable development of advanced energy storage devices.


发表期刊:ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

论文题目:Recoverable Liquid Metal Paste with Reversible Rheological Characteristic for Electronics Printing

论文作者:Hao Chang, Pan Zhang, Rui Guo, Yuntao Cui, Yi Hou, Ziqiao Sun, Wei Rao

发表日期:March 25, 2020

论文摘要:Gallium-based liquid metals are applied in the fabrication of soft electronics because of their conductivity and flexibility. However, the large surface tension and weak adhesion of liquid metals limit the available printing substrates. Recent researches indicate that amalgamating metal particles can turn liquid metal from fluid into a paste which has superb electrical conductivity, plasticity, and strong adhesion to substrates. In this work, a recoverable liquid metal paste was made by mixing eutectic Ga–In alloy and nonmetallic SiO2 (quartz) particles (Ga–In–SiO2 paste, called GIS). GIS has excellent conductivity and printable properties similar to those of previously reported liquid metal pastes. Furthermore, the bonding between Ga–In alloy and quartz particles is reversible. In acidic or alkaline solution, Ga–In alloy can be separated from quartz particles and agglomerated to bulk by stirring. Moreover, the study of the mechanism of adhesion behavior suggests that extruding fresh liquid metal droplets to form more oxide and shearing friction are the critical factors for adhesion. This work proposed a new liquid metal paste with a reversible rheological property and promoted the understanding of the working principle of liquid metal paste.


发表期刊:Advanced Engineering Materials

论文题目:Liquid‐Metal‐Enhanced Wire Mesh as a Stiffness Variable Material for Making Soft Robotics

论文作者:Bo Yuan, Chenjia Zhao, Xuyang Sun, Jing Liu

发表日期:October 2019

论文摘要:In article number 1900530, Jing Liu and co‐workers present a new kind of stiffness variable materials, liquid‐metal enhanced wire mesh which owns good mechanical and electrical properties. Benefited from the liquid‐metal enhancer, individual mesh could be easily assembled together in arbitrary shapes by simply organizing them in proper positions. Such strategy opens up an important way for fast fabrication of reconfigurable modular soft robotics that can tolerate large external forces


发表期刊:Polymer Chemistry

论文题目:Effect of chain curvature on the performance of diketopyrrolopyrrole-based polymer solar cells

论文作者:Hui Li, Xiaolin Zheng, Xuedong Wang, Fangbin Liu, Hongbing Fu

发表日期:October7, 2015

论文摘要:Two novel polymers, PDTBO and PD2TBO, containing diketopyrrolopyrrole and alkoxyl-substituted benzothiadiazole were designed and synthesized for polymer photovoltaics. The introduction of thiophene and bithiophene as different π-bridge units results in good planarity of the polymer backbone but a different curvature in polymer chains. The inclusion of bithiophene in the repeat unit leads to a potentially larger curvature and a zigzag conformation for PD2TBO. This increased curvature does not damage the thin-film crystallinity. Instead, high hole mobility is recorded for PD2TBO which is almost two orders of magnitude higher than that of linear PDTBO. Furthermore, high power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 5.3% is obtained for the PD2TBO/PC71BM blend film ascribed to good miscibility while the linear polymer PDTBO exhibits a moderate PCE of 2.1%. Our work demonstrates that the modulation of the chain curvature is an efficient approach to improve the performance of polymer solar cells.


发表期刊:Energy Environmental Science

论文题目:Precise anionic regulation of NiFe hydroxysulfide assisted by electrochemical reactions for efficient electrocatalysis

论文作者:Chang-Xin Zhao, Bo-Quan Li, Meng Zhao, Jia-Ning Liu, Li-Da Zhao, Xiao Chen, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:June 1, 2020

论文摘要:Highly efficient electrocatalysts with high intrinsic activity for oxygen and sulfur redox reactions are strongly required for sustainable energy systems. Generally, cations serve as the real active sites in transition metal compound electrocatalysts, whose electrocatalytic activity is regulated by the surrounding anionic structure. Herein, an electrochemical reaction assisted by an anionic regulation strategy is proposed for precise construction of advanced electrocatalysts with extraordinary electrocatalytic activity. The electrochemical anionic regulation process ensures general release of the regulation reagents for precise substitution of sulfur anions in pristine hydroxide. The as-obtained hydroxysulfide electrocatalyst exhibits a desired electronic structure to afford superb electrocatalytic activity regarding reduced overpotential of 286 mV at 10 mA cm−2 for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution and improved polysulfide redox electrocatalytic activity. This contribution not only renders an emerging strategy for precise regulation of the anionic structure for improved electrocatalytic activity, but also provides information for the rational design of advanced electrocatalysts for sustainable energy applications.


发表期刊:Science Robotics

论文题目:A biorobotic adhesive disc for underwater hitchhiking inspired by the remora suckerfish

论文作者:Yueping Wang, Xingbang Yang, Yufeng Chen, Dylan K. Wainwright, Christopher P. Kenaley, Zheyuan Gong, Zemin Liu, Huan Liu, Juan Guan, Tianmiao Wang, James C. Weaver, Robert J. Wood, Li Wen

发表日期:September 27, 2017

论文摘要:Remoras of the ray-finned fish family Echeneidae have the remarkable ability to attach to diverse marine animals using a highly modified dorsal fin that forms an adhesive disc, which enables hitchhiking on fast-swimming hosts despite high magnitudes of fluid shear. We present the design of a biologically analogous, multimaterial biomimetic remora disc based on detailed morphological and kinematic investigations of the slender sharksucker (Echeneis naucrates). We used multimaterial three-dimensional printing techniques to fabricate the main disc structure whose stiffness spans three orders of magnitude. To incorporate structures that mimic the functionality of the remora lamellae, we fabricated carbon fiber spinules (270 μm base diameter) using laser machining techniques and attached them to soft actuator–controlled lamellae. Our biomimetic prototype can attach to different surfaces and generate considerable pull-off force—up to 340 times the weight of the disc prototype. The rigid spinules and soft material overlaying the lamellae engage with the surface when rotated, just like the discs of live remoras. The biomimetic kinematics result in significantly enhanced frictional forces across the disc on substrates of different roughness. Using our prototype, we have designed an underwater robot capable of strong adhesion and hitchhiking on a variety of surfaces (including smooth, rough, and compliant surfaces, as well as shark skin). Our results demonstrate that there is promise for the development of high-performance bioinspired robotic systems that may be used in a number of applications based on an understanding of the adhesive mechanisms used by remoras.





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