CiteSpace 5.0.R3

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CiteSpace 5.0.R3
Help > What's New:
5.0 R3 SE1/1/2017Labeling: if the largest K connected components are selected, then the labeling process is restricted to nodes in the K components only
5.0 R3 SE12/27/2016Clusters: Labeling by T: Optimized; MI: expanded to list more terms
5.0 R3 SE12/26/2016Clusters: Summarization of clusters: Save a whitelist of domain-specific terms
5.0 R3 SE12/26/2016Display: Save As PNG: Revised
5.0 R3 SE12/17/2016Display: Node Size and Node Label synchronized
5.0 R3 SE12/10/2016Timeline View: New design: Node labels
5.0 R3 SE12/8/2016Display: Sub-cluster Labels: LSI dimensions and rows of terms
5.0 R3 SE12/8/2016Display: Node rendering in uniformed size: revised to color by cluster
5.0 R3 SE12/8/2016Display: Term Labels: By Burstness
5.0 R3 SE12/7/2016Display: Article Labels: By Burstness
5.0 R3 SE12/7/2016Main GUI: Defer the Status Report
5.0 R3 SE11/26/2016Main GUI: the mininum resolution required: 1024x768
5.0 R3 SE11/19/2016Views Tab: Timeline View Controls: Row span
5.0 R3 SE11/16/2016Timeline View: Cluster labels over years
5.0 R3 SE11/16/2016Timeline View: Fisheye View: Adjustable focal point
If you find any issues with the new version, please let me know.

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