The 5-th Week Schedule of KITPC 2011 March Program

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The 5-th Week Schedule

Program Schedule

"Recent Progresses in Complex Networks Research"

The Fifth Week (Mar 28-April 1)


Mar 28 Monday

10:00-11:30  Chairperson Bing-Hong Wang

B. KahngSeoul National University:

Explosive percolation transition of complex networks

Lunch Break

1500-16:00  ChairpersonTao Zhou

Wei Li (Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences):

Statistical Learning in an evolutionary game

Mar 29 Tue

10:00-11:30  ChairpersonBing-Hong Wang

Hawoong Jeong (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Structure and dynamics of the directed complex networks


Mar 30 Wed

10:00-11:30  ChairpersonBing-Hong Wang

Zhou, Changsong Hong Kong Baptist University

Sustained activity in hierarchical modular neural networks: self-organized criticality and oscillations

Mar 31 Thursday

10:00-11:30  ChairpersonBing-Hong Wang

David Saad The Non-linearity and Complexity Research Group, Aston UniversityUK

Dynamics of Boolean networks - a Generating Functional Analysis

Lunch Break

1500-16:00  ChairpersonTao Zhou

You-Gui Wang ( Beijing Normal University):

Self-Organized Criticality in Market Economies


April 1 Friday

10:00-11:30   Chairperson Bing-Hong Wang

Tao Zhou (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) :

1, Link prediction in complex networks; 

2, Information extracting from networks: ranking and recommending;

Lunch Break

15:00-17:00  ChairpersonTao Zhou

Discussion about recent progresses and future directions in complex networks research:
All the participants:  Chin-Kun Hu B.KahngBeom Jun Kim, Bin Jiang

Renaud Lambiotte Jing ZhaoHyunggyu Park, Hawoong Jeong,  Sumiyoshi Abe, Jae Dong Noh, David SaadChangsong Zhou, Chenping Zhu, Wei Li, Zi-Ke Zhang, Lin-Yuan Lv Mingsheng Shang, Tao ZhouBing-Hong Wang

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