中国英文刊自己收取Article Process Charge(APC)再与国际合作出版商分账的实例

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亚洲男科学官方杂志 - Asian Journal of Andrology




The following fees are quoted in CNY (Chinese Yuan). (The fees will be charged in USD (United States dollars) to the authors outside Mainland China. The USD equivalent of fees levied on a certain article will be subject to the exchange rate on the day that the PDF proofs are sent to the authors.)

Article Process Charge (APC)
These fees are effective for articles published from 1 January 2014:
4900 CNY      for 3 or fewer published pages.
9800 CNY      for 4-8 published pages.
1000 CNY      per extra page, if more than 8 published pages.
If the first author in a certain article is the member of “AJA Club (in Englishin Chinese)”, a 10% discount for the APC is offered. [This discount is not applicable to charges for colour pages, Figure modification and other extra charges.]

Colour print charges
Colour Art Online Only (free to authors): read the “Guidance for AJA figure preparation” here.
Colour Art in Print (charged to authors): the author's institution or funding agency must defray the cost of colour printing. The cost for colour photographs is 2500 CNY per page.
Cover art Charge: the charge for cover art is 4000 CNY.

Supplementary information charges
2000 CNY

或许有人担心只收中国人钱? 不是不是真不是!2016-2018三年,中国文章只有三分之一左右!

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