2021-6-30 14:50
0077−0086 Artificially frozen ground and related engineering technology in Japan … Satoshi Akagawa Abstract: Since the 1970's, frozen ground has been developing near the Tokyo Bay area around liquefied natural gas (LNG) in-ground storage tanks. For disas ...
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2020-12-14 12:51
0261−0271 Effect of debris on seasonal ice melt (2016−2018) on Ponkar Glacier, Manang, Nepal … Reeju Shrestha, Rijan B. Kayastha, Rakesh Kayastha Abstract: Supraglacial debris is widely present on glaciers in alpine environments and its dis ...
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2020-12-14 12:36
0125−0133 A modified numerical model for moisture-salt transport in unsaturated sandy soil under evaporation … WeiWen, YuanMing Lai, ZheMinYou Abstract: Soil salinization, caused by salt migration and accumulation underneath the soi ...
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2020-3-20 09:43
0001−0011 Characteristics of permafrost degradation in Northeast China and its ecological effects: A review … ShanShan Chen, ShuYing Zang, Li Sun Abstract: Latitudinal permafrost in Northern Northeast (NNE) China is located in the southern margin of ...
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