Nature Plants:睡莲目芡实与金鱼藻目金鱼藻基因组揭示早期被子植物演化

Prickly waterlily and rigid hornwort genomes shed light on early angiosperm evolution First author: Yongzhi Yang ; Affiliations: Sichuan University(四川大学):Chengdu, China Corresponding author: Jianquan Liu Angiosperms represent one of th ...
2020-2-27 00:07

Plant Cell:由HY5介导的光响应调控植物生长机制

Chimeric Activators and Repressors Define HY5 Activity and Reveal a Light-Regulated Feedback Mechanism First author: Yogev Burko ; Affiliations: The Salk Institute for Biological Studies(萨克生物研究所):La Jolla,USA Corresponding author: Joan ...
2020-2-26 06:17

Current Biology:猴面花花瓣斑点形成的分子机制

Two MYB Proteins in a Self-Organizing Activator-Inhibitor System Produce Spotted Pigmentation Patterns First author: Baoqing Ding ; Affiliations: University of Connecticut ( 康涅狄格大学 ): Storrs, USA Corresponding author: Yao-Wu Yuan ...
2020-2-25 04:21

Plant Communications:多组学分析揭示大麦不同基因型的耐盐性机制

Integrative Multi-Omics Analyses of Barley Rootzones Under Salinity Stress Reveal Two Distinctive Salt ToleranceMechanisms First author: William Wing Ho Ho ; Affiliations: The University of Melbourne ( 墨尔本大学 ): Parkville, Australia ...
2020-2-24 04:33

Nature Communications:雷公藤基因组以及雷公藤甲素生物合成候选基因

Genome of Tripterygium wilfordii and identification of cytochrome P450 involved in triptolide biosynthesis First author: Lichan Tu ; Affiliations: Capital Medical University ( 首都医科大学 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author:& ...
2020-2-23 06:45

Plant Cell:玉米胚胎/胚乳相接处的转录组鉴定新的胚乳组织亚结构域

Transcriptomics at Maize Embryo/Endosperm Interfaces Identifies a Transcriptionally Distinct Endosperm Sub-domain Adjacent to the Embryo Scutellum First author: Nicolas M. Doll ; Affiliations: Ecole Normale superieure de Lyon France (里昂高等师范学院):  ...
2020-2-22 08:51


Hydrogen peroxide sensor HPCA1 is an LRR receptor kinase in Arabidopsis First author: Feihua Wu ; Affiliations: Duke University ( 杜克大学 ): Durham, USA Corresponding author: Zhen-Ming Pei Hydrogen peroxide (H 2 ...
2020-2-21 06:20

Nature Communications:林木对干旱的生长弹性低,未来的死亡风险高

Low growth resilience to drought is related to future mortality risk in trees First author: Lucía DeSoto ; Affiliations: Estación Experimental de Zonas áridas,CSIC (EEZA-CSIC): Almería, Spain Corresponding author: Lucía DeSoto ...
2020-2-20 04:25


Genetic analysis of the Arabidopsis TIR1/AFB auxin receptors reveals both overlapping and specialized functions First author: Michael J Prigge ; Affiliations: University of California, San Diego ( 加州大学圣地亚哥分校 ): La Jolla, USA Corresponding ...
2020-2-19 05:37

Trends in Genetics:无融合生殖研究为未来作物育种提供更所可能

Clonal Reproduction through Seeds in Sight for Crops First author: Peggy Ozias-Akins ; Affiliations: University of Georgia ( 佐治亚大学 ): Tifton, USA Corresponding author: Peggy Ozias-Akins Apomixis or asexual reproduction thro ...
2020-2-18 05:24
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