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Developmental Cell:一个G蛋白偶联的受体模块调控纤维素合酶的分泌
2021-4-22 21:23
A G protein-coupled receptor-like module regulates cellulose synthase secretion from the endomembrane system in Arabidopsis 第一作者 : ...
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Nature Communications:昼夜节律振荡器基因赋予杂交种在抗病和生长两个方面的杂种优势
2021-4-21 16:47
A central circadian oscillator confers defense heterosis in hybrids without growth vigor costs 第一作 ...
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Plant Cell:矮牵牛通过遗传上较为复杂的演化获得红色花
2021-4-20 15:40
Complex evolution of novel red floral color in Petunia 第一作者 : ...
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New Phytologist:拟南芥韧皮部伴细胞中胼胝质的积累会减少腋芽生长
2021-4-19 17:33
Callose accumulation in specific phloem cell types reduces axillary bud growth in Arabidopsis thaliana ...
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Plant Cell:短串联重复的长度变异影响拟南芥自然群体的基因表达
2021-4-18 22:05
Length variation in short tandem repeats affects gene expression in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana ...
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2021-4-17 22:15
Multiple independent recombinations led to hermaphroditism in grapevine 第一作者 : ...
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2021-4-16 16:10
Biological pathway expression complementation contributes to biomass heterosis in Arabidopsis ...
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Developmental Cell:不同的氮信号激活同一个ROP2-TOR信号转导通路
2021-4-15 08:53
Diverse nitrogen signals activate convergent ROP2-TOR signaling in Arabidopsis 第一作者 ...
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Horticulture Research:GABA增强杂交鹅掌楸的铝胁迫耐受性
2021-4-14 08:40
The role of γ-aminobutyric acid in aluminum stress tolerance in a woody plant, Liriodendron chinense × tulipifera ...
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Nature Genetics:445份生菜种质材料的基因组重测序
2021-4-13 15:19
Whole-genome resequencing of 445 Lactuca accessions reveals the domestication history of cultivated lettuce ...
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