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Current Biology:玉米穗的单细胞转录组研究
2021-1-19 09:41
Single-cell RNA sequencing of developing maize ears facilitates functional analysis and trait candidate gene discovery ...
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the plant journal:阿拉伯岩芥基因组注释更新
2021-1-18 16:35
Aethionema arabicum genome annotation using PacBio full‐length transcripts provides a valuable resource for seed dormancy and Brassicaceae evolution research ...
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Nature Plants:种间嫁接揭示小RNA从地上到地下组织的单向移动
2021-1-17 13:15
Unidirectional movement of small RNAs from shoots to roots in interspecific heterografts ...
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2021-1-16 10:36
Controlled hydroxylations of diterpenoids allow for plant chemical defense without autotoxicity 第一作 ...
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2021-1-15 17:48
Plant roots sense soil compaction through restricted ethylene diffusion ...
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the plant journal:细胞分裂素信号转导抑制负调控子PHP在拟南芥和水稻之间存在功能分化
2021-1-14 09:52
The function of the pseudo phosphotransfer proteins has diverged between rice and Arabidopsis ...
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Plant Cell:拟南芥叶片维管组织的单细胞转录组测序
2021-1-13 09:12
Distinct identities of leaf phloem cells revealed by single cell transcriptomics ...
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Current Biolgogy:机械化学反馈介导下胚轴弯曲,形成顶钩
2021-1-12 10:46
Mechanochemical feedback mediates tissue bending required for seedling emergence ...
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Molecular Plant:单核RNA-seq和单核ATAC-seq揭示染色质可及性对于拟南芥根中基因表达的影响
2021-1-11 09:11
Single-nucleus RNA and ATAC sequencing reveals the impact of chromatin accessibility on gene expression in Arabidopsis roots at the single-cell level ...
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EMBO Journal:钙离子转运蛋白ANN1作用于低温诱导的钙离子信号转导和冻害耐受性
2021-1-10 18:40
The calcium transporter ANNEXIN1 mediates cold‐induced calcium signaling and freezing tolerance in plants ...
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