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Fixed and random effects models
2010-4-13 18:40
Next: Multilevel models Up: Session 9: Specific Methods Previous: Session 9: Specific Methods http://teaching.sociology.ul.ie/DCW/confront/node45.html Fixed and random effects models When you have repeated observations per individ ...
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Multiple Linear Regression: Hypothesis Testing Added Variable Plot
2010-4-8 15:44
Statistics: Added variable plot http://wiki.math.yorku.ca/index.php/Statistics:_Added_variable_plot From MathWiki In a multiple regression, the added variable plot for a predictor X, say, is the plot showing the residual of Y against all predictors except X against the resid ...
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2010-3-29 22:29
第一节 方差分析的基本思想 http://www.foodmate.net/lesson/41/5-1.php 1、方差分析的意义 前述的 t 检验和 u 检验适用于两个样本均数的比较,对于 k 个样本均数的比较,如果仍用 t 检验或 u 检验,需比较 次,如四个样本均数需比较 次。假设每次比较所确定的检验水准 =0.05,则每次检验拒绝 H 0 ...
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