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[219]何毓琦   2017-4-5 20:57
Thank you for the notification.
[218]tianjilei   2017-4-5 17:42
[217]王毅翔   2017-4-5 10:08
何院士 是否可以在我的贴上 发表一下 您的看法?
我的回复(2017-4-5 11:07):I am not sure what you wanted me to say. I believe I said everything on this topic in my blog article. Also I am not sure what you mean by "我的贴上" pardon my understanding oof current Chinese usage.
[216]王毅翔   2017-4-4 10:33
-- 请何院士指证
我的回复(2017-4-4 21:34):Thanks for your further writing on this subject.
[215]吴中祥   2017-2-12 18:47
我的回复(2017-2-12 21:32):Did you receive it now?
[214]吴中祥   2017-2-12 09:40
我的回复(2017-2-12 13:06):Dear Prof. 吴中祥
Greetings. Unfortunately this is not my expertise area and I am not able to comment intelligently. Many thanks. YCHo
[213]吴中祥   2017-2-12 09:37
[212]魏焱明   2016-9-28 04:47
我發動了科學史上的秋收起義--碩果累累的金秋 http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-2339914-1005320.html
[211]LairdUnlimited   2016-9-27 02:47
Just finished reading your article 'On election to IFAC'.  There is a delay in peer recognition apart from public recognition in scientific fields of inquiry, is it not?  How many truly peerless scientists left almost nothing but relics and mystery to this world we inherit, apart from Saints recognized oddly under Catholic and Apostolic Church? I am trying to locate reference to this iconic imagery. http://nunia.sdf-us.org/trans/RG/lbdbpajcelegiabd.jpg  Any idea, if this is linked to St. Olga of Kiev or not?  curious.
我的回复(2016-9-27 20:35):Thank you. But I'll let my article stand as it is.
[210]sslv123   2016-8-20 08:49
我的回复(2016-8-20 11:16):I am no expert in this topic and cannot really comment.
[209]scienceusa   2016-8-12 15:52
何老师,您好!欢迎加我的微信 。微信号 :cc_cl_lcy_czx_chz_18
我的回复(2016-8-13 01:48):I am an technological dinosaur. You have to explain 微信号 to me.
[208]shenlu   2016-7-11 17:44
我的回复(2016-7-11 18:09):Thank you for the reference. Good luck on your development of the science of science and technology.
[207]许培扬   2016-5-29 09:04
北京  许培扬   陈东福
我的回复(2016-5-29 11:39):Many thanks for your greetings. YCH
[206]张鹰   2016-5-1 23:50
Dear Prof. Ho,
Thank you very much for putting time into reading my blog and your prompt reply. Your experience of major making very little difference in life is very reasonable. Top scholars in whatever fields will emerge, and they don't seek for money and are mainly driven by internal curiosity. But normal students (within 1 standard deviation above average) can benefit from a relative hot major (computer engineering) and then find a better career. In that sense, it will invoke competition in hot majors and allocate education resources slightly better. That is probably not your aim of your blog, and I apologize for this proposal.
It would be very interesting to read articles at a high level describing the difference between science and engineering science, which is my selfish side. I will read your blog articles in more details and try to connect the dots from your experience.
I really appreciate your reply and very grateful that you share your life experience.
我的回复(2016-5-2 21:10):Dear Dr. Zhang, I was not a special case. Most people in the US change careers or jobs several time in their lives. What they do in their adult lives often has little to do with their college major. The most important goal of a university education is to teach the student "how to learn on their own". The world is changing fast. The latest technology you learned in school can become obsolete as soon as you graduate. One cannot rely on one set of skills for 30-40 years. The only important skill is "THE SKILL TO LEARN NEW THINGS.
[205]张鹰   2016-5-1 13:26
Dear Prof. Ho,
Have you ever considered writing an introductory article for senior high school students. Most Chinese high school students have no clue what to study in college after the college entrance examination. 12 years hardworking followed by a random choice for college major is kind of sad.
I am wondering whether Sciencenet can put collective efforts in writing intro articles for different fields of scientific study for 12th grade students. You are a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, and have a good grasp in differentiating the difference between engineering and science majors. Does this sound like a good idea?
I wrote a Chinese blog about it, but not sure whether you can read the simplified Chinese characters.
Best wishes,
我的回复(2016-5-1 20:59):Dear Dr. Zhang,
Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, I can read simplified Chinese with only occasional difficulties and guessing. Your idea is well thought out. However, my own experience and knowledge about the American environment are that it makes relatively little difference in life what one studied in college (I have even written previously in these blog pages about my personal life experience)Thus, I cannot be a convincing spokesperson for your ideas even though I am all for popularizing science to high school students. YCHo
[204]LongLeeLu   2016-4-29 10:37
Dear Dr. Larry, I'm sure you do that "I am reading enough elsewhere to satisfy myself. " I gotta clarify my point: What I asked was for the readers of your blogs - e.g., I constantly follow your blog posts like Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman's posts in New York Times. If the SciNet editors over sight and not left up your posts in the headlines, I can't find your posts, a loss for me as well as for many other readers, I's told. Well, after all, it's your call, freedom of blogger, for all of us to enjoy, no obligations :-)
我的回复(2016-4-29 10:54):Dear Dr. Lee, I understand your point . Then it is the job of ScienceNet to make things easier for the readers. It is entirely within their power and judgement to do or not do this. I appreciate your request. But I am sure you are not asking me, a volunteer, to do something that it is against my stated principles.
[203]LongLeeLu   2016-4-29 05:49
Dear Professor/Academician Larry Ho,
I'd like to suggest you to open up to accept 好友 (fans) links to your blog posts, alerting your posts in the future and tracking down back to your old insightful posts. I've noticed many of your later posts didn't surface on the headline page so I missed that. Alerting via "好友" of your new posts helps us to read your new posts. Honestly, I didn't manage my fans http://weibo.sciencenet.cn/?LongLeeLu with 10229 fans (sorry I can't keep track of all of them), but I do know they benefit from reading my posts. many blessings to you and your family. - Lee
我的回复(2016-4-29 07:59):Dear Dr. Lee, I know you meant well. However, I write blogs not as a professional columnist but to help people who wants to be helped, to inform people who wants to be informed, and to enjoy myself during retirement. There is no hidden agenda nor am I seeking rewards or glory. What you suggest has merit and make life a bit easier for the readers. But I don't feel that is my obligation nor my job. I do read other blogs I am interested in by go to other blog pages myself with only minimal effort. Yes, I may miss some other articles. But I am reading enough elsewhere to satisfy myself. Thanks again.
[202]fransis2015   2016-4-25 17:24
体系论认为人类社会也是一个生物,与细胞、动植物一样,并提出新概念“生物体系”——细胞为第一级生物体系,动植物为第二级生物体系,人类社会体系是第三级生物体系,其中第一级生物 细胞组成第二级 动植物,第二级中的人类组成第三级生物 人类社会。
[201]fransis2015   2016-4-25 17:13
[200]fransis2015   2016-4-24 23:16
我的回复(2016-4-25 08:03):THank you for the reference. However, these are outside my expertise and controversial. I cannot intelligently comment. But I'll read and think about the papers more carefully in time. In the mean time, you must try to publish them in the leading journals of your discipline and be peer-reviewed.

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