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Best One-Liners (针见)


By jessica Wildfire (writer in RelationshipsHumorSatireLoveCultureSelf ImprovementLife LessonsLifeProductivityHealthPolitics)


Pretending to be happy is easier than actually being happy — pretending is more profitable, but also more expensive.


Showing up is 80 percent of life. The other 20 is waiting around.


Don’t make other people point out what’s good in your life.


You should have a sense of how you matter to someone besides yourself.

Romantic love

Find someone you like listening to and looking at, then figure out what it takes to keep them around.


You can’t love someone just because they look like a supermodel, even if they’re a supermodel. Love them for some other reason.


Emotions are criminals you have to interrogate for the truth.

Rest & recovery

A dead battery is no good to anyone. Don’t be a dead battery.


Nobody ever has confidence, they just get good at performing it.


If you have confidence, you don’t need bullshit.


There’s always someone out there smarter than you.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect (DKE)

If you think anyone who criticizes you is wrong, then you’re probably an idiot.

Imposter Syndrome

If you’re actually worried about being a fake, you’re not.

Double imposter syndrome

If you’re worried about being a fake who just thought they were worried about being a fake, then you need a drink — and possibly a therapist. But odds are, you’re not a fake.

Mental health

If you need therapy and/or medication, and you go get them, then you should feel proud for taking care of yourself — never ashamed.


You don’t have to be a social butterfly — just don’t be a wasp.


Figure out what you can get done in five years, but also in five minutes.


It’s not about doing a hundred things, but the handful of things that matter.


One good reason to do something you don’t want to is that, when it’s done, you won’t have to do it anymore.


Nobody really wants to do anything at first. Finishing something never feels as good as we think. In the middle of progress, that’s the sweet spot.


If you don’t guard your time, everyone will waste it for you.


Always tell the truth. Filter it for people you don’t trust. Surround yourself with people who do the same.


A good leader is someone who makes good decisions for other people, sometimes at a cost to themselves.

Impressing people

If you really want to impress someone, you have to do it by accident.


Take a break and try again, or give up. You’ll always be the only person who really cares about your success.


Your efforts should lead to at least some of the results you want, and keep you in business a little longer.


Thinking is good for you. Thinking in circles isn’t.


It’s fine to want what someone else has, as long as you try to earn it.


Inspiration is admiring what someone else did, and trying to figure out how they did it — so you can do it.


The very best ideas come from a place of discomfort, frustration, and desperation — but they alleviate those conditions.


If a genie granted us immortality, we’d spend 75 years playing our favorite video games, eating cereal, and quietly hating ourselves.


Brooding over what you deserve but didn’t get is the most effective and most lethal form of procrastination.


It’s fine to be angry as long as you don’t solve it by hitting people with your fists — or your car, or your words.


Be scared of a tiger, but not a new experience — unless the new experience is a tiger. Even then, running from a tiger is an experience.

The Future

The future is always scarier than the present, but the future always becomes the present, so chill out.


A life without any responsibilities might be fun, but meaningless. It’ll lead to intense boredom.


If you think you hate someone, try to think like them for a few minutes.


Don’t talk about problems you have no intention of solving.


Revenge is a placeholder emotion until you can straighten yourself out.


Passion is just a word for something you’re good at that doesn’t make you any money yet. You still have to be good at it.


“How does that work?” and “What happens if I try this?” are great questions to live by, with the exception of juggling chainsaws.

Morning routines

Hitting the snooze button exactly three times and then drinking the rest of yesterday’s coffee has worked well for some of us so far.

Morning routines (parent’s version)

A child’s smile at 5:25 am will make you smile, even if you feel like roadkill. This empowers you to make eggs.

Bad days

Some days everything is a pain, and you’re lucky to get one thing done — that one thing is something to be proud of.

Emergency Days

Sometimes you develop a fever and a weird rash overnight, and other times your sister gets hit by a drunk driver at exactly 9:23 am — that’s when your normal life should jump to the caboose.


You aren’t rewarded for experiencing trauma, just for overcoming it.


You aren’t rewarded for experiencing hardship, just for overcoming it.

Rewards and awards

An award is a plaque that looks nice on your wall, a reward is something you earned that improves your life.

Fringe time

Ten minutes here and there adds up fast.


You’ll be a lot more productive if you actually know where all your stuff is.


The less stuff you own, the fewer headaches you’ll have.

Trying too hard

If you run the first mile all out, you’ll never see mile 26.


Eating kale and exercising doesn’t mean you have to give up chocolate and alcohol. It just means you’re 30.

Life isn’t easy or simple, but it’s doable

Some people say life is easy. It’s not. Others say it’s simple. It’s not. Life is hard and confusing. But it’s doable. We can figure it out. We just have a way of overthinking it. Sometimes the hardest thing we do is cutting out all the nonsense and getting back to what’s possible.



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