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JIPB is a peer-reviewed monthly journal with 21,432 library subscriptions worldwide and nearly 350,000 full-text downloads in 2019 alone. Now, the latest Impact Factor for JIPB is 4.885. Among 234 SCI-indexed Plant Science journals in the world, JIPB ranks 17th (top 7.3%), and has remained in Q1 of Plant Science category for eight consecutive years by JCR, and also in 1st Tier by Chinese Academy of Sciences Journal Rank. The latest CiteScore in Scopus is 8.1ranking top 4.2%.

Recently, JIPB modifies its standard manuscript handling workflow (Figure 1), and further speeds up the peer-reviewing process. We make every possible effort to process manuscripts in a timely manner.


Figure 1. JIPB manuscript handling workflow

Our Editor-in-Chief (EIC) will make an initial evaluation on the content and the language for all submissions, and give a fast feedback within 24 hours. If a manuscript is suitable, the EIC will assign an Editor to handle the manuscript for peer-review. Papers will be handled by prestigious and dedicated editors. All decisions made by Editors will be monitored by the EIC. In order to quicken the publication and save authors’ time, the manuscript without fully revising may not be sent out for further reviewing.

Now the average time from submission to the first decision is 18 days, and the accepted articles will be published online within 48 hours and searchable in SCI, PubMed and Google-Scholar.

JIPB has a fast track for publication. Manuscripts of exceptional quality will be made a pro‍mpt assessment, and have a decision in 3-5 working days.

For more detail information, please visit our website www.jipb.net and we are looking forward to receiving your new submission.


Journal of Integrative Plant Biology(JIPB)是由中科学院主管、中国科学院植物研究所和中国植物学会共同主办,Wiley出版的同行评审月刊。JIPB面向全球,刊发整合植物生物学研究的重要创新成果,包括宏观和微观领域有创新性的重要研究论文、特邀综述、突破性报道、新资源、新技术和评论性文章。2019年2年SCI 影响因子是4.885,位于植物学TOP7.3%,已连续8年处于SCI的Q1区。Scopus数据库中CiteScore是8.1,位于 TOP4.2%。2019年,JIPB进入中国科学院期刊分区Q1区,并入选中国科技期刊卓越行动计划。


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