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发表期刊:Energy&Environmental Materials 能源与环境材料

论文题目:Critical Factors Dictating Reversibility of the Zinc Metal Anode

论文作者:Lin Ma, Marshall A. Schroeder, Travis P. Pollard, Oleg Borodin, Michael S. Ding, Ruimin Sun, Longsheng Cao, Janet Ho, David R. Baker, Chunsheng Wang, Kang Xu

发表日期:December, 2020

论文摘要:With high energy density and improved safety, rechargeable battery chemistries with a zinc (Zn) metal anode offer promising and sustainable alternatives to those based on lithium metal or lithium‐ion intercalation/alloying anode materials; however, the poor electrochemical reversibility of Zn plating/stripping, induced by parasitic reactions with both aqueous and non‐aqueous electrolytes, presently limits the practical appeal of these systems. Although recent efforts in rechargeable Zn metal batteries (RZMBs) have achieved certain advancements in Zn metal reversibility, as quantified by the Coulombic efficiency (CE), a standard protocol for CE has not been established, and results across chemistries and systems are often conflicting. More importantly, there is still an insufficient understanding regarding the critical factors dictating Zn reversibility. In this work, a rigorous, established protocol for determining CE of lithium metal anodes is transplanted to the Zn chemistry and is used for systematically examining how a series of factors including current collector chemistry, current density, temperature, and the upper voltage limit during stripping affect the measured reversibility of different Zn electrolytes. With support from density functional theory calculations, this standardized Zn CE protocol is then leveraged to identify an important correlation between electrolyte solvation strength toward Zn2+ and the measured Zn CE in the corresponding electrolyte, providing new guidance for future development and evaluation of Zn electrolytes.


发表期刊:Energy&Environmental Materials 能源与环境材料

论文题目:A Mixed Ether Electrolyte for Lithium Metal Anode Protection in Working Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

论文作者:Wei-Jing Chen, Chang-Xin Zhao, Bo-Quan Li, Qi Jin, Xue-Qiang Zhang, Tong-Qi Yuan, Xitian Zhang, Zhehui Jin, Stefan Kaskel, Qiang ZhangYu, Wei‐De Zhang, Ye Wang, Yumeng Shi, Kian Ping Loh, Qing‐Hua Xu

发表日期:June, 2020

论文摘要:Lithium‒sulfur (Li–S) battery is considered as a promising energy storage system to realize high energy density. Nevertheless, unstable lithium metal anode emerges as the bottleneck toward practical applications, especially with limited anode excess required in a working full cell. In this contribution, a mixed diisopropyl ether‐ased (mixed‐DIPE) electrolyte was proposed to effectively protect lithium metal anode in Li–S batteries with sulfurized polyacrylonitrile (SPAN) cathodes. The mixed‐DIPE electrolyte improves the compatibility to lithium metal and suppresses the dissolution of lithium polysulfides, rendering significantly improved cycling stability. Concretely, Li | Cu half‐cells with the mixed‐DIPE electrolyte cycled stably for 120 cycles, which is nearly five times longer than that with routine carbonate‐ased electrolyte. Moreover, the mixed‐DIPE electrolyte contributed to a doubled life span of 156 cycles at 0.5 C in Li | SPAN full cells with ultrathin 50 μm Li metal anodes compared with the routine electrolyte. This contribution affords an effective electrolyte formula for Li metal anode protection and is expected to propel the practical applications of high‐energy‐density Li‒S batteries.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Low‐Grade Heat Harvesting: Efficient Low‐Grade Heat Harvesting Enabled by Tuning the Hydration Entropy in an Electrochemical System

论文作者:Caitian Gao, Yezhou Liu, Bingbing Chen, Jeonghun Yun, Erxi Feng, Yeongae Kim, Moobum Kim, Ahreum Choi, Hyun‐Wook Lee, Seok Woo Lee

发表日期:April 1, 2021

论文摘要:In article number 2004717, Seok Woo Lee and co‐workers present an efficient low‐grade heat‐harvesting system with a Carnot efficiency as high as 50%. By tuning the hydration entropy during the electrochemical reaction, the temperature coefficient reaches a high value in the thermally regenerative electrochemical cycle. Moreover, harvesting of thermal energy with various ranges, from 10 °C to 50 °C, is demonstrated for practical applications.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Zinc‐Air Batteries: A ΔE = 0.63 V Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalyst Enables High‐Rate and Long‐Cycling Zinc–Air Batteries

论文作者:Chang‐Xin Zhao, Jia‐Ning Liu, Juan Wang, Ding Ren, Jia Yu, Xiao Chen, Bo‐Quan Li, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:April 15, 2021

论文摘要:The pursuit for high bifunctional oxygen electrocatalytic activity is the key issue to achieve advanced rechargeable zinc–air batteries. In article number 2008606, Bo‐Quan Li and co‐workers fabricate a composite noble‐metal‐free electrocatalyst with bifunctional activity of ΔE = 0.63 V. Such high bifunctional activity greatly refreshes the record by ca. 50 mV and renders extraordinary performances of corresponding rechargeable zinc–air batteries.


发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie

论文题目:Intrinsic Electrocatalytic Activity Regulation of M–N–C Single‐Atom Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

论文作者:Chang‐Xin Zhao, Bo‐Quan Li, Jia‐Ning Liu, Prof. Qiang Zhang

发表日期:February 23, 2020

论文摘要:Single‐atom catalysts (SACs) with highly active sites atomically dispersed on substrates exhibit unique advantages regarding maximum atomic efficiency, abundant chemical structures, and extraordinary catalytic performances for multiple important reactions. In particular, M–N–C SACs (M=transition metal atom) demonstrate optimal electrocatalytic activity for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and have attracted extensive attention recently. Despite substantial efforts in fabricating various M–N–C SACs, the principles for regulating the intrinsic electrocatalytic activity of their active sites have not been sufficiently studied. In this Review, we summarize the regulation strategies for promoting the intrinsic electrocatalytic ORR activity of M–N–C SACs by modulation of the center metal atoms, the coordinated atoms, the environmental atoms, and the guest groups. Theoretical calculations and experimental investigations are both included to afford a comprehensive understanding of the structure–performance relationship. Finally, future directions of developing advanced M–N–C SACs for electrocatalytic ORR and other analogous reactions are proposed.


发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie

论文题目:Inside Cover: Delicate Control on the Shell Structure of Hollow Spheres Enables Tunable Mass Transport in Water Splitting

论文作者:Dr. Ping Hou, Dr. Dan Li, Prof. Nailiang Yang, Prof. Jiawei Wan, Dr. Chunhui Zhang, Prof. Xiqi Zhang, Dr. Hongyu Jiang, Prof. Qinghua Zhang. Prof. Lin Gu, Prof. Dan Wang

发表日期:March 22, 2021

论文摘要:Delicate control of the shell structure of hollow spheres leads to enhanced mass transport, as described by Dan Wang and co‐workers in their Research Article on page 6926. The prepared hollow multishell structures (HoMSs) with close duplicated shells (yellow) and bubble‐like shells (green) can promote gas release owing to the unbalanced Laplace pressure and accelerate liquid transfer for the enhanced capillary force compared to the HoMSs with non‐duplicated solid shells (red), thus exhibiting superior electrocatalytic performance.





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