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发表期刊:Nature Methods

论文题目:Exosome detection via the ultrafast-isolation system: EXODUS

论文作者:Yuchao Chen, Qingfu Zhu, Liming Cheng, Yong Wang, Meng Li, Qinsi Yang, Liang Hu, Doudou Lou, Jiaoyuan Li, Xianjun Dong, Luke P. Lee, Fei Liu

发表日期:February 2021

论文摘要:Exosomes have shown great potential in disease diagnostics and therapeutics. However, current isolation approaches are burdensome and suffer from low speed, yield and purity, limiting basic research and clinical applications. Here, we describe an efficient exosome detection method via the ultrafast-isolation system (EXODUS) that allows automated label-free purification of exosomes from varied biofluids. We obtained the ultra-efficient purification of exosomes by negative pressure oscillation and double coupled harmonic oscillator–enabled membrane vibration. Our two coupled oscillators generate dual-frequency transverse waves on the membranes, enabling EXODUS to outperform other isolation techniques in speed, purity and yield. We demonstrated EXODUS by purifying exosomes from urine samples of 113 patients and validated the practical relevance in exosomal RNA profiling with the high-resolution capability and high-throughput analysis.


发表期刊:Materials Chemistry Frontiers

论文题目:Host–guest interaction-induced emission enhancement of amphiphilic AIEgens: a computational study

论文作者:Junfang Yang, Qian Peng, Ruide Xue,Zesheng Li, Xiaoyan Zheng

发表日期:February 21, 2021

论文摘要:To achieve the efficient and precise regulation of aggregation-induced emission in supramolecular systems, revealing the role of host–guest interactions in AIEgens is of vital importance. Using the theoretical protocol that combines molecular dynamics simulations and the hybrid quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics calculations, we explored the mechanism of host–guest interaction-induced emission enhancement of amphiphilic guest molecules (AIEgens) as both dispersed monomers and assembled aggregates. We confirmed that the binding pattern of host–guest inclusions between α-cyclodextrin (CD) and three amphiphilic guest molecules is that the interior hydrophobic cavity of CD hosts one phenyl ring of the TPE moiety and part of PEG chain of the guest; simultaneously, the exterior hydrophilic surfaces of CD fasten the PEG chain and adjacent phenyl rings of the TPE moiety of guest molecules by intermolecular hydrogen bonds and O–H⋯π interactions, respectively. The packing density of the assembled aggregates decreases as the CD concentration increases. The analysis of the radiative decay rate constants and the reorganization energy indicate that the monomer emission is enhanced after host–guest complexation; meanwhile, combining host–guest interactions and aggregation effects could further increase the fluorescence efficiency, because both host–guest interactions and the aggregation effect can effectively retard the low-frequency intramolecular phenyl ring rotational motions and C=C double bond plane twisting, thus suppressing the nonradiative decay channels. The fluorescence emission spectra are also blue-shifted after complexation. Our theoretical protocol is general and applicable to other AIEgens in the supramolecular field, thus laying a solid foundation for the rational design of advanced AIE materials.


发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:Osseointegration: Switching On and Off Macrophages by a “Bridge‐Burning” Coating Improves Bone‐Implant Integration under Osteoporosis

论文作者:Zhenzhen Wang, Yiming Niu, Xuejiao Tian, Na Yu, Xiaoyu Yin, Zhen Xing, Yurong Li, Lei Dong, Chunming Wang

发表日期:February 10, 2021

论文摘要:In article number 2007408, Lei Dong, Chunming Wang, and co‐workers invent a “bridge‐urning” bioactive coating to sequentially turn on and off inflammation on bone implants. This coating first instructs host macrophages to activate bone cells to promote healing and then receives signals from bone cells to kill macrophages for higher safety. It improves bone‐implant integration in mice with osteoporosis.


发表期刊:Energy&Environmental Materials 能源与环境材料

论文题目:Two‐Dimensional Metal‐Halide Perovskite‐ased Optoelectronics: Synthesis, Structure, Properties and Applications

论文作者:Hongda Li, Tianyuan Luo, Shoufeng Zhang, Zijun Sun, Xiong He, Wenfeng Zhang, Haixin Chang

发表日期:January , 2021

论文摘要:In the past decade, metal‐halide perovskites have attracted increasing attention in optoelectronics, due to their superior optoelectronic properties. However, inherent instabilities of conventional three‐dimensional (3D) perovskites over moisture, heat, and light remain a severe challenge before the realization of commercial application of metal‐halide perovskites. Interestingly, when the dimensions of metal‐halide perovskites are reduced to two dimensions (2D), many of the novel properties will arise, such as enlarged bandgap, high photoluminescence quantum yield, and large exciton binding energy. As a result, 2D metal‐halide perovskite‐ased optoelectronic devices display excellent performance, particularly as ambient stable solar cells with excellent power conversion efficiency (PCE), high‐performance light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) with sharp emission peak, and high‐sensitive photodetectors. In this review, we first introduce the synthesis, structure, and physical properties of 2D perovskites. Then, the 2D perovskite‐ased solar cells, LEDs, and photodetectors are discussed. Finally, a brief overview of the opportunities and challenges for 2D perovskite optoelectronics is presented.


发表期刊:Energy&Environmental Materials 能源与环境材料

论文题目:Special Issue: Mechanism, Materials and Devices for Supercapacitors

论文作者:Jinping Liu, Chuanfang (John) Zhang, Yohan Dall’ Agnese

发表日期:September, 2020





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