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首先感谢您参与本次问卷调查。以下是一些《自然-方法》(Nature Methods)编辑感兴趣的关于社交媒体方面的问题,我们的问题主要是关于学者如何使用微信作为交流科研进展的平台,我们希望听到您的想法,包括社交媒体所带来的好处和担忧。问卷调查结果将发表于《自然-方法》的社论。


Many thanks in advance for helping Nature Methods research our editorial on how scientists use WeChat. Here are some questions in which we are particularly interested, but please feel free to skip those that aren’t interesting or relevant to you. If we would like to use a direct quote from your responses, we will contact you in advance for permission. Please send your responses to Dr. Lei Tang (lei.tang@nature.com).


Name and email address:

1. What is your current position? If you are an independent PI, please indicate whether you are a junior or senior PI.

2.  What is your field of research?

3.   Are are working in China or another country?

4. How long have you been using WeChat for scientific activities, such as reaching out collaborators and sharing your own research through Moments (朋友圈)?

5.  How often do you check WeChat Moments (朋友圈) or how many hours per day would you guess you spend on WeChat posts for scientific inputs? Do you think Wechat can be a time sink?

6. Do you blend your personal and professional WeChat activities or keep them separate? Why?

7.  How many public accounts (公众号) do you follow? How many public accounts do you follow for scientific news? Which public accounts would you recommend for your peers or graduate students/postdoc?

8. Do you use WeChat as a primary news source or source for literature updates? Has it replaced reading ToCs or browsing journal websites? Do you subscribe other news outlet, such as Nature Briefing?

9.  Do you think scientific WeChat posts are reliable?

10. Have you ever crowd-sourced an answer to a scientific problem using WeChat? Which way do you prefer, group chat or sharing in moments(朋友圈)? Did you get a good answer?

11. Have you built a collaboration that could not happen without Wechat outreaching? Do you think WeChat has helped you grow your scientific network?

12. What is the best thing that has happened to you because you use WeChat? Have you dealt with any negatives because of WeChat? Have you been trolled?

13. Have you ever gotten a job or hired someone through WeChat?

14. What other social media platforms do you use to talk about science? What are some pros and cons of different platfomrs?

15. How has your use of WeChat changed since the coronavirus pandemic started?

16. Do you use WeChat to communicate with journal editors about your research? If no, would you like to?

17. Anything else you’d like to share?





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