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TCGA—— Pan-Cancer analysis project(20140430)

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The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network has profiled and analyzed large numbers of human tumors to discover molecular aberrations at the DNA, RNA, protein and epigenetic levels. The resulting rich data provide a major opportunity to develop an integrated picture of commonalities, differences and emergent themes across tumor lineages.The Pan-Cancer initiative compares the first 12 tumor types profiled by TCGA. Analysis of the molecular aberrations and their functional roles across tumor types will teach us how to extend therapies effective in one cancer type to others with a similar genomic profile.

The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer .pdf


Focus on pan-cancer analysis

Genomic alterations in diverse cell types at different sites in the body give rise to hundreds of different forms of cancer, and the ways in which these changes result in tumors with different biology, pathology and treatment strategies are beginning to be characterized. The TCGA Research Network has catalogued aberrations in the DNA, chromatin and RNA of the genomes of thousands of tumors relative to matched normal cellular genomes and has analyzed their epigenetic and protein consequences. Here the Pan-Cancer initiative examines the similarities and differences among the genomic and cellular alterations found in the first dozen tumor types to be profiled by TCGA. This first look across cancer types offers new tools in genomics and bioinformatics and the prospect of repurposing targeted therapies directed by the molecular pathology of the tumors in addition to their clinical classification.

http://www.nature.com/tcga/  (Nature 总结了TCGA中癌症之间的关于Mutational Drivers Network models Environmental exposure and pathogens Data discovery, transparency and visualization Future directions之间的similarities and difference)


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